PROTEIN BREAD Bakingmixture

The baking mixture provides a protein-rich coarse bread, full of vitamins and minerals. Baked with plant protein.


Gluten, wheat starch, milk, lactose, eggs, soy and lupins.

Baking instructions:

  • Mix 450 g of Protein Bread Gluten-free baking mixture with 5 g of dry yeast.

  • Add 3 cups of lukewarm water and stir together the wet and dry. The dough should be a little loose. When using moist yeast, the yeast dissolves in the water before mixing it in the dry.

  • Put the dough in a bread mold, cover with plastic and allow the bread to rise in a warm place to double the size; 60 minutes.

  • Preheat the oven to 200 ° C and bake the bread for approx. 60 minutes.

Done in 1-2-3

Add only water and yeast

Rich in omega 3

18 g plant protein

12 g dietary fiber


Corn starch, sunflower seeds, brown flax seeds, potato starch, pumpkin seeds, chiamel, grape sugar, pea protein 3%, rice protein 2.9%, corn fiber 2.8%, salt, carob powder, hemp protein 1%, potato protein 1%, sunflower lithium (emulsifier), guar (smoothing), ascorbic acid (flour treating agent), citric acid (acidity regulating agent).


* Product from organic farming.


Allergy information: May contain traces of sesame seeds.

Weight: 450 g.

Storage: Dry, dark and not above normal room temperature.

Packaging: Sort as plastic

Nutritional content:  Per 100g


Energy – 1790 kj / 428 kcal

Fat, g                                          

  of which

Fettsyrer, g                                  

Carbohydrates, g                            

  of which

  Sugars, g                               

Protein, g                                     

Salt, g                                         

Fiber, g                                        


Nutritional values ​​are average and may vary depending on maturity, seasonality and storage










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