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1 g of our powder contains the same amount of sulforaphane as 100 g of fully grown broccoli.

Pure Food Norway has in recent years researched production processes in order to efficiently produce active substances such as sulforaphane and polyphenol. These are naturally occuring compounds in kale products, and especially abundant in sprouted broccoli seeds. We succeeded and as a result we are now capable of producing high value active substances.




Broccoli is packed with health properties humans need to stay healthy. Unfortunately not everybody loves broccoli and even those who do struggle eating large quantities of raw broccoli every day. Thats why Pure Food Norway has developed a nutriotionally dense powder high in bioactive sulforaphane. As little as 1 g of our powder contains the same amount of sulforaphane as 100 g of fully grown broccoli. This means you can easily benefit of all the health properties without having to consume a large amount of broccoli each day.




Sprouts have a relatively large amount of vitamins and minerals compared to its size. The concentration of sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts is 20-50 times higher than that of an equivalent amount of fully grown broccoli. Our production of broccoli sprout powder gives particularly high values of sulforaphane, that has been proven to be a ”miracle substance” on lifestyle diseases and other diagnoses.

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Sulforaphane has been thoroughly researched and is very interesting for medical science due to its many favorable health benefits. It has been shown to protect against different types of cancer, lower the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, act as an anti-inflammatory along with positive effects on autism and osteoporosis.


There is robust epidemiological evidence of the favorable effects consuming broccoli has on your health. Many of these are tightly connected to sulforaphane. In the 1990s a lab study on rats was published, it showed a cancer preventive effect of sulforaphane isolated from broccoli. Since then more than 3.000 similar studies have been published describing this effect. Animal studies have proven sulforaphane to have a number of health benefits. Among them are lowering of blood sugar, cholesterol, oxidative stress and the development of chronical diseases. Health benefits also include a reduced risk of inflammation, stomach cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers. It has also been shown to reduce risk of already active cancers turning more aggressive, it has a rejuvenating effect on the immune system and is preventive on cardio vascular diseases.




Pure Food Norway (PFN) has developed its own unique production process, a new technology for freeze-drying. This technology retains and safeguards the nutritional content along with the crucial active substances in the sprouts. This allows us the opportunity of producing a long shelf life broccoli sprout powder with very high values of sulforaphane.




Our PhD Ladia Jilek is part of an ongoing 4 year study financed by the EU. The research is focusing on sulforaphane in food and influence of cells – particularly in the brain related to autism. Read more about the clinical study here.


Sulforaphane is currently the most researched plant compound worldwide.

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Q&A with Dr. Jed Fahey on Sulforaphane, Moringa and Chemoprotection [An authoritative discussion!]

Q&A with Dr. Jed Fahey on Sulforaphane, Moringa and Chemoprotection [An authoritative discussion!]

In this special two-hour Q&A episode with Dr. Jed Fahey, a world-leading expert on the science of chemoprotection and, in particular, sulforaphane, we discuss many of the listener-submitted questions from the hundreds of live event participants. If you're particularly fond of this format, be sure to check out our members Q&A, which happens every month. Learn more at Find Dr. Fahey at... • • • Brands or products were mentioned in this episode: • Prostaphane • Crucera SGS (Thorne) • Oncoplex (Xymogen) • Avmacol • Vision Defense (Swanson) • MaxN-Fuze • MitoCORE (Ortho Molecular Products) • Kuli Kul Moringa Powder • Brassica Protection Products - [Disclosure: FoundMyFitness does not have financial interest in any of the aforementioned products or companies. Dr. Fahey plays a minor consulting role for Brassica Protection Products articulated at 00:03:20 and 01:22:58. Additionally, Dr. Fahey is an advisor for Kuli Kuli.] Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:04:36 - Minimum dose for health effects 00:09:21 - Variability of sulforaphane in foods 00:14:54 - Enhancing sulforaphane in foods 00:20:55 - Duration of effects 00:36:45 - Increased glutathione production 00:40:29 - Cancer effects 01:14:43 - Alternatives to sprouts 01:30:25 - Safety concerns 🥦 #Sulforaphane #moringa #glutathione 🧠
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