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When comparing in taste, consistency and nutritional content there are very few bread on the market as good as Pure Food´s low FODMAP bread

Helge Andreas, Clinical Nutritionist (KEFF - Norwegian Association of Clinical Dietitians Affiliated with The Norwegian Association of Researchers)


Helge Andreas is an authorized Clinical Nutritionist


In addition to his position at the health clinic Tangen Helseklinikk he teaches at Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and is affiliated with Sunn Idrett (a focus area of NIF - The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports) aswell as the health team of NSF Cross Country (Norwegian Ski Federation).


He is very experienced in working with both losing and gaining weight, lifestyle diseases (cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes), irritable bowel/intolerance, sports nutrition, malnutrition and healthy diet.


For most people a low FODMAP diet is effective at reducing symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Fructans are one type of FODMAP that can cause bloating. To many norwegians grain products are a large source of fructans. Since bread and other grain products at the same time are an important source of energy and vitamins, it seems wise choosing bread that provides important nutrients while at the same time the content of fructans is low. Pure Food Norway´s bread are great alternatives in this context. There are several bread on the market low on fructans and FODMAP, but there are very few bread able to compete with Pure Food´s bread when it comes to their taste and consistency. Pure Food´s Chia Bread is classified low-FODMAP regardless of quantity, and their Sprout-bread is low FODMAP with up to two slices of bread per meal.


To norwegians bread is a cultural, practical and nutritious food. Wholemeal bread is a good source of fiber and a number of other healthy nutritients. Many people struggle with allergies and/or intolerances to grain and other common ingredients in bread. There are several gluten-free bread available, unfortunately people often label them to be mediocre in flavour and consistency. For people who can´t eat regular bread it is important that their alternative choice of bread has a healthy nutritional profile and is a good source of fiber. The gluten-free bread from Pure Food are outstanding healthy bread alternatives for people unable to consume gluten, FODMAP, milk or eggs. The bread contains plenty of fiber and they don´t use any consistency products associated with an increased risk of intestinal inflammation. And almost equally important, they are great in taste and consistency.


Clinical Nutritionist Helge Andreas Felberg tells he has received great feed back from his clients on the bread from Pure Food. Every week he recommends the bread to people struggling with IBS/bloating he adds.

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