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Kale og Broccoli Salat



A very special compound in broccoli helps the body cleanse itself.


Lets face the sad truth: You can not just eat a little broccoli and automatically become sharp-witted and smarter. Unfortunately.

On the other hand your mother had a point, you have to remember to eat your broccoli. A very special compound in broccoli helps the body detoxify itself and get rid of waste products. Since broccoli at the same time contains vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fibers, the writer Anette Harbech feels we should remember to eat broccoli – preferably every day.

  • I think it could be named the best vegetable in the world, she says.

Anette Harbech has written the book ”Hjernegod mad” (How to improve memory by stimulating and challenging the brain via food) and runs the webpage


The unique compound in broccoli


Broccoli contains the compound Sulforaphane, and it helps make broccoli a very special vegetable.

  • It is a unique compound that activates detoxifying enzymes in the body. It ties up the troublemakers and unwanted substances in the body and excrete them, Anette Harbech explains.

Sulforaphane is found in several cabbage varieties and other green vegetables. However the concentration in broccoli is one of the highest compared to other vegetables.


More vegetables in our diet


You have to consume a rather large amount of broccoli, each day, to benefit fully from the good compounds of the green veggie. It is probably not realistic to achieve in everyday life, assesses Anette Harbech.

  • It is still better than nothing, she says.

To get the optimal effect you have to prepare it a bit. Boil or steam your broccoli for about a minute. Eating it activates the special compound - sulforaphane.


Update to the article after publication: We have to underline the fact that we still do not have a conclusive evidence that sulforaphane actually cleanses your brain, as the heading of the article states. Studies made shows the positive and detoxifying abilities of sulforaphane on the body in general. These are among the studies that Anette base her statements on. Experiments have been performed on mice showing a positive effect on the brain.

Read the article here.



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