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Have you tried green smoothie with broccoli sprouts? It gives you a real kickstart in the morning!

Norske Spirer Spicy Salatmiks.jpg

Spicy salad mix

Adds great taste along with additional nutrition to your meal. The sprout mix is carefully composed to enhance the taste and optimize the nutrient uptake. The active substances of the sprouts are easier for the body to absorb when the sprout mix is optimal in its mixing ratio.

Nutritional content

per 100 g

Energy 226 kJ/55 kcal

Fat 2.8 g of which saturated fatty acids 0.0g, carbohydrates 1.4 g of which sugars 0.0 g, protein 4.3 g, salt < 1 g, dietary fiber 3 g.


Vitamin C 80 mg/80 ref. value/100% of ref.v.

Vitamin B9 114 mg/200 ref. value/57% of ref.v.

Vitamin K1 57 mg/75 ref. value/75.5% of ref.v.

Phosphorous 121 mg/700 ref. value/17% of ref.v.

Where can I find the sprout mixes?

You can find the sprout mixes at Meny, and in a selection of SPAR retail stores. Feel free to ask the general manager of the store if you can`t find the product you are looking for. You as a consumer have the power to influence what products are at your local store.


Keep refrigerated 1-4°C, rinse before use.


60% Brokkolispirer

20% Rød reddikspirer

20% Kløverspirer

High in

Vitamin C, Vitamin B9, Vitamin K1 and Phosphorous.

Norske Spirer

Norske Spirer JSC pioneered in producing sprouts in Norway. Norske Spirer started producing in the first half of the 1980s. The company aswell as the market in general has come a long way since then. What originally started with two owners full of drive and a single production machine has now become a fully automatic industrial production line. The cornerstone of the company has always been food safety and quality.


Read more about Norske Spirer here


Perfect for salads if you desire a powerful and spicy taste. Spicy salad mix is also great as topping for soup, pizza, burger, taco or just a slice of bread. Adds great taste along with additional nutrition to your meal.

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