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Høye Fives




We ceaselessly work on product innovation and we have several exciting projects already underway. Currently we are collaborating with professionals in Norway, Chezh Republic and the Netherlands. We are also blessed with support from The Research Council of Norway on several of our innovative projects. Read more about our partners:


Food Research Institute Prague, v.v.i.

Work coordination, management of team meetings, execution of sub- and final reports, manuscripts & articles, utility models, functional testing and proven technology.


General University Hospital in Prague

Represented by Dr. Martin Magner, PhD

Dr. Magner monitors a group of 300 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). His tasks in the study will include preparation of informed consent, preparation of documents for the ethics committee of the First Faculty of Medicine in Prague and submission of applications for SUKL. Together with Dr. Thorova he will be responsible of recruiting research participants and managing the timing and technical organization of the clinical study, and monitor clinical and laboratory changes in therapy. He will be involved in processing the results and preparing the scientific production of the study.


Mendel University in Brno – Faculty of Horticulture

Represented by Professor Josep Balik, PhD

Organization of research project activities at MENDELU and collaboration with co-investigators. Suggestions and experimental solutions to enrich sprouts with a high level of sulforaphane, interpret and deliver results. Preparation of sub- and final reports.


National Institute of Autism z.ú., Prague

Represented by PdDr Katerina Thorova, PhD

Recruitment of children to study methodology and conduct the psychological part of the research, monitoring of behavioral changes, communication and coordination of procedures with other research units.


Global Change Research Institute AS CR, v.I.

Represented by professor Jan Triska, PhD

Responsible for the development and validation of chemical analysis methods for plants and their extracts. Process the results from chemical analysis and prepare the basis for the project results (reports, publications) and the solution of the planned sub-goals.


Other referances for skillful counselling and collaboration on new products:

Eurofins, Nofima, Norwegian Celiac Association, Food Innovation, Kulinarisk Akademi (Culinary Academy), Ski Team Norway Olympiatoppen with/Clinical Therapist H.A. Felberg, Norske Spirer AS, Norgesgruppen, Coop, Transworld Enterprise Hong Kong, Insula AS, Ferdigmat, Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Bjørknes Høyskole, Rikshospitalet (Oslo University Hospital), and Monash University (Australia)

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