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Replace wheat flour with our wheat flour substitute

Universal wheat flour substitute

The flour mix is a great substitute for wheat flour

Nutritional content

per 100 g

Energy 1526 kJ/361 kcal

Fat 1.5 g of which fatty acids 0.6 g, carbohydrates 85 g of which sugars 2.6 g, dietary fiber 7 g, protein 1.8 g, salt 0.08 g

Where can I find the wheat flour substitute?

The flour mix is available in the FREE FROM shelf at Meny and at a selection of Spar and Bunnpris retail stores. Feel free to ask the general manager of the store if you can`t find the product you are looking for. You as a consumer have the power to influence what products are at your local store.

Suitable for

Baking with yeast, cake, pizza, pasta, biscuit, sauces and much more.


(Stomach-friendly food)

We have developed a number of low FODMAP products.

FODMAP is an acronym for Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-Saccharides and Polyols. They are short chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed and can be found in a broad specter of foods. Limitting consumption of high FODMAP foods can have a dramatic positive effect on sensitive stomach/IBS related symptoms.


Its important to know you can find many different FODMAP lists. We adhere to the list created by The Monash University in Australia, they are considered the leading experts in FODMAP. The list is continuously updated as new foods are tested.


Corn starch, potato starch, modified tapioca starch, chia flour (6%), dextrose, guar gum (thickener), ascorbic acid (milk treatment agent), salt.


Gluten, wheat starch, milk, lactose, eggs, soy and lupins.

Allergy information: May contain traces of sesame seeds


High in 

9.3 g of dietary fiber

6% chia flour


The wheat flour substitute from Pure Food absorbs more liquid than ”regular” flour. It might be necessary to add a little bit more hydration than the recipe suggests.

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