Pure Food’s Bioactive Sprouts Concentrate for Increased Antioxidant Capability, Polyphenols and Sulforaphane

What is Pure Food’s Bioactive Sprouts?

Pure Food’s Bioactive Sprouts Concentrate is

nutritionally dense powder concentrate based

on sprouts. Just one gram of concentrate contains

significant value of antioxidants, polyphenols,

carotenoids and mainly sulforaphane.

Concentrate is suitable for increasing nutritional

value of food products.

Why sprouts?

Hundreds of research studies occur every year on the cancer

preventive potential of plant nutrients. According to the latest research

one of the most valuable sources of the multidirectional phytochemicals are cruciferous sprouts. Young sprouts have been recognized as a rich source of versatile biologically active compounds such as flavonoids, polyphenols, glucosinolates and other endogenous metabolites with documented anticancer activity and preventive prosperities to modern disease.

Increase consumption of healthy foods

The best way to increase consumption of healthy foods is incorporation into widespread foods such as bread, soup, fish cakes, sausages, juices, tea, ice cream etc. The challenge to incorporate sprouts into processed food is that many of health promoting compounds are very sensitive to food processing. Pure Food Norway AS has developed new strategy of implementing plant nutrients into a ready-to-eat food, while preserving health promoting nutrients.

What is Sulforaphane and Sulforaphene?

Sulforaphane (SFN) is one of the most exciting nutrient present in cruciferous vegetables and its value

is substantiated by numerous scientific studies. Sulforaphane is very sensitive to food processing and makes it difficult to use it in ready-to-eat food or supplements. Therefor we have developed powder which will provide active sulforaphane easily accessible to the body.
Sulforaphene (SFE), a natural isothiocyanate, is forcefully associated with cancer prevention (11).

Documented potential health benefit of sulforaphane:

In vitro experiments, in vivo animal studies and some clinical trials with humans have suggested that the dietary SF is a safe, cheap and effective strategy to reduce the risk of:

• atherosclerosis,
• cancer,
• diabetes,
• gastric,

• heart,
• neurodegenerative,
• ocular and respiratory diseases (5)
• helicobacter pylori growth inhibition (7, 8)

What are Polyphenols, Antioxidants and Carotenoids?

Polyphenols are compounds found in the fruits, vegetables and cereals. Epidemiological
studies have revealed that polyphenols provide a significant protection against development
of several chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), cancer, diabetes,
infections, aging, asthma etc.

Antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals.
Many experts believe this damage is a factor in the development of blood vessel disease
(atherosclerosis), cancer, and other conditions.

Carotenoids are plant pigments responsible for bright red, yellow and orange colour in many
fruits and vegetables. These pigments play an important role in plant health. People who eat
foods containing carotenoids get protective health benefits as well.

Advantages using the Pure Food’s concentrate:

• Easy way to increase consumption of healthy foods by incorporation into widespread
products such as a soup.

• Concentrate is designate in the way that volatile nutrients can withstand heat and
food processing.

• Cost effective way to increase nutritional value of food.

• Completely natural and wholefood (not extract). According a research, sulforaphane
extract has no desired effect.

• Rich source of versatile biologically active compounds such as flavonoids, polyphenols,
glucosinolates, sulforaphane, carotenoids.

• Sulforaphane is the most effective compared with widely used phytochemical-based
supplements like curcumin, silymarin, and resveratrol (6).

Where can it be used?

• instant soups
• spicy mixes
• frozen products, ice cream
• tea, drinks

further product could be developed such us:
• yogurt and probiotics, ice cream or frozen products
• instant spaghetti and rice noodles

Example of broccoli soup enriched with nutrition rich concentrate:

The ingredients provided in 1 gram have
been demonstrated in vitro to yield:

• 12 mg of Sulforaphane
• 18 mg of Antioxidants (FRAP)
• 15 mg of Total polyphenols
• Carotenoids, chlorophyll and

Tab 1 Typical broccoli soup enriched with 1g of Pure Food's Bioactive Sprout Concentrate

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