Hands who talk. Hands who bake.

The bread you are holding in your hand is baked by hands who talk and hands who bake.


With the joy of working Håndverksbakeriet Signo Rycon AS, a unique workplace for deaf/hearing impaired and deaf blind.






Do you want to know more about lowFODMAP?

Cecilie struggled with digestive problems like diarrhea, gas and stomach pain for many years. In 2013 she learned about the low-FODMAP diet at Haukeland Hospital's IBS school. Because the diet is research-based and relieves the symptoms of approximately 70% of patients, she decided to try it. Within a few months the symptoms were much better and suddenly she was in control of her stomach and not the other way around. The blog www.lavFODMAP.no was created and in 3 years Cecilie has released 3 books on the lavFODMAP diet (Aschehoug and Vigmostad & Bjørke) and is now conducting lectures for both patient associations, more hospitals (as a patient) and businesses. As well as courses in lowFODMAP cooking.

Cecilie Hauge Ågotnes, lowFODMAP autor, lecturer and blogger. 


Would you like to know more about lowFODMAP?

See blogg www.lavfodmap.no for recipes,

advice and information on the diet. 

CHIA BRØD sliced
Gluten & milk free
You can find me in the freezer.
This bread is now available in all  MENY stores....
If you can not find me, ask for me!

Chia Bread is a moist and delicious gluten and milk free bread. The bread is baked with flour naturally free of gluten. It also contains various nutritious ingredients such as chia, sprouts of sunflower seeds and natural vitamin D.


Rich in: Fiber, natural vitamin D and calcium.

2 slices a day covers your daily recommended amount of vitamin D.

3 slices covers 46% of your daily recommended amount of calcium.



Water, cornstarch, potato starch, modified tapioka starch, chia flour (6%), rapeseed oil, grape sugar, sugar, salt, yeast, natural calcium from algae, psyllium husk fiber, pulverized cellulose, sunflower lecithin (emulgator), guar gum (thickening agent), askorbin acid (flour treatment agent), citric acid (acidity regulating agent), vitamin D, yeast.


Nutrition Benefits:


Rich in Calcium

Rich in natural VITAMIN D

Rich in FIBER 

Storage: - 18 degrees celsius or colder.

12 months from production date, see lable. Must not be frozen after befrosting. The bread is ready to use and should not be baked. Defrosted it should be used within 4 days of defrosting.


Free from: Gluten, wheat starch, milk, lactose, eggs, soy, lupines.


Low FODMAP friendly: based on Monash University´s low FODMAP diet.


Næringsinnhold:      Per 100g   Ref.Verdi  %avref.v.  


Fett, g                            6,33

Hvorav mettede

Fettsyrer, g                    0,41

Karbohydrat, g              41,1


sukkerarter, g                   1

Protein, g                      1,22

Salt, g                             1,1

Fiber, g                           6,3

Vitamin D2 µg                  7               5           114

Kalsium mg                    369          800         46


The bread is ready for use and does not need to be baked.


  • Remove the slices you require from the bag and heat them in the toaster. They taste delicious!


  • Or let the slices defrost on the counter till ready to eat.

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