Beans & Lentils

25% Lentils

25% Mung beans

25% Adzuki beans

25% Chickpeas

Free from:
Gluten, wheat starch, milk, lactose, eggs, soy and lupins.
25% Lentils, 25% Mung Beans, 25% Adzuki beans, 25% Chickpeas

Weight: 75 g.

Storage: Cool at 1- 4 ºC, wash before use.

Packaging: Sort as plastic.

 Suitable for soups, hot dishes and salads. The mixture is carefully composed for the best flavour and nutrient absorption. The active substances in the sprouts become easier for the body to absorb when the sprouts grow up together. Can advantageously be heat treated. 
The mixture is well suited for baking. It can be used directly in the bread dough for longer shelf life, higher protein content and good flavour.
Try olive oil "dressing".
Tastes great and extend the shelf life, you need:
  1. Olive oil 
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Honey
  4. Sea salt
  5. Fine chopped garlic.
Mix and taste for your taste.
Store in refrigerator with a tight lid.  

Nutrition facts:  Per 100g            


Energy – 430 kj / 105 kcal

Fat, g                                          

of which

saturated fats, g                                  

Karbohydrat, g                            

of which

sugars, g                               

Protein, g                                     

Salt, g                                         

Nutrition facts ​​are average and may vary depending on maturity, seasonality and storage









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