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Chia bread with unique marine multimineral complex and high content of calcium, fibre and vitamin D

Pure Food`s chia bread is unique in many levels. First of all, it is gluten free and milk free bread. In the past were gluten free breads considered to be of poor taste and short of nutrition. Our goal was to change the picture of how people see the gluten free bread. Result of it is bread not just gluten free but also tasty and nutrition rich. Among other benefits the chia bread is rich in fibre, calcium and vitamin D.


































Calcium and minerals

The chia bread contains a unique marine multimineral complex Aquamin, providing bioactive calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals. Aquamin is a natural mineral source produced from marine algae (Lithothamnium sp.). The seaweed is harvested from the North Atlantic seabed.

Unlike other mineral sources used in food, beverage and supplement preparation, Aquamin is derived from 100% seaweed, which absorbs trace minerals from the surrounding seawater. This form of absorption, coupled with Aquamin’s unique structure, results in a mineral rich product that is neutral tasting, free of chalky texure and easily absorbed by the human body. The elements contained are at trace quantities and are insignificant alone, but within a multimineral matrix they work synergistically and give a powerful boost to the action of the calcium and magnesium.

Indipendent studies and peer-reviewed publications have demonstrated Aquamin’s health benefits for bones, teeth, joints and digestion.


Vitamin D

Chia bread contain Vita D Yeast which is inactivated dried yeast subjected to ultraviolet light under controlled conditions to catalyse the conversion of the natural occurring endogenous ergosterol in yeast to ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2). This process naturally enhances the content of vitamin D2 in the yeast and provides a natural safe form of vitamin D.

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the guts so it makes it right combination of those nutrients. According EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, vitamin D has many health benefits such as contribution to the normal function of the immune system or bone strength and reduction or risk of osteoporotic fractures by reducing bone loss.




Three slices of chia bread (ca 100g) contain about 6 grams of fibre, which is roughly 25 percent of the recommended daily intake. High-fibre food is considered to be important to normalize bowel movements, helps maintain bowel health, lower cholesterol level, help control blood sugar level or aid in achieving healthy weight.


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